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help with psychology

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  • Psychodynamic theory (Freud)
  • the theory of the collective unconscious (Jung)
  • the theory of the Individual (Adler), and
  • the social development theory (Karen Horney)

After reviewing each of the above theories, choose one theory and theorist and answer the following questions in a paragraph essay format:

Using a word processor, complete the following:

  • Choose one of the above theorists and his or her theory and explain how you can apply that theory to your life.
  • Why have you chosen this theory? Please provide personal examples.
  • If you could ask your chosen theorist a question about his or her theory, what would it be?
  • Why is this question important to you?

minimum of one to two well-composed paragraphs. Each paragraph should include 5-7 insightful sentences.

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