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Should nurses and physicians assist patients who want to end their lives?

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Write a four-page debate paper (Times New Roman, 12-font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, page number and running head in header, headings) arguing the ethical principles for and against physician assisted dying (PAD) and your opinion, using a Debate format (Background info; Pro discussion; Con discussion, Opinion from a nursing perspective AND your personal perspective; Summary/Conclusion.). Please note: This order must be followed.

Title your paper “Should nurses and physicians assist patients who want to end their lives?”

Present information and background on PAD, including a current (2018) list of the US states/territories where PAD is legal. Explore the New York state position on this issue. Please use scholarly references (nursing/medical/healthcare literature) and reputable websites to develop the background:


  1. Cover page (title, name, header)
  1. Background – what is in the literature currently (cite with appropriate references): US jurisdictions where PAD is legal; definition of PAD; protocol of PAD.
  1. Present the PRO side of the debate using named ethical principles
  1. Present the CON side of the debate using named ethical principles
  1. State what position you have chosen and why – this should be based on both your research of the literature and may include your personal/moral /ethical beliefs.
  1. Summary and conclusion
  1. Reference page and in text citations – Use references from current nursing/medical/healthcare literature (less than 5 years old) unless you have a classic paper.
  1. APA format (headings/header)/ Proper grammar and punctuation/following debate paper order.

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