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Right To Fair Hearing

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Individuals accused of crimes are entitled to put on a defense, in addition to holding the State accountable for proving each element of the criminal offense beyond a reasonable doubt. In recent years, we have seen several highly publicized cases where the defense raised brought about national conversation and debate. A few examples are:

1) Jared Holmes

2) George Zimmerman

3) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

You may use one of these or find your own for this assignment.

Write a critical thinking paper which details :

1) the facts of your case

2) what the defendant was charged with

3) what their defense were,

4) whether you think their defenses were valid defenses or if they were something else. If you believe they were not valid defenses, state why you believe that and why you perceive it was raised (such as creative thinking, only explanation that would fit the theory of the case, defense attorney thought it up due to no other defenses, etc.)

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