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Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Discrimination

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In many cases, prejudice stems from
the unknown. As individuals, we tend to migrate toward those who may
look like us, act like us, and think like us. As a result, it may be
difficult for us to open our minds and embrace those whose values,
beliefs, and overall sense of self differ from our own.
For this assignment, compose a paper that is three to four pages in
length.  In your paper, discuss the impacts of prejudice, stereotypes,
and discrimination in the context of social psychology.  Be sure to
address the following points:  

1. Define and describe the following terms: prejudice,
stereotype, discrimination, and ingroup vs. outgroup. Based on your own
experiences in the social world, can you relate to any of these terms?
Do you identify with a particular term? Why or why not?

2. Examine the social, cognitive, and societal origins of prejudice
and stereotypes. Be sure to include specific information regarding
categorization, such as ingroup favoritism and the outgroup homogeneity
effect, norms, competition for resources, and social inequalities. Of
the categories presented, which do you think are the most significant in
our society and in your particular community?  

3. Analyze the influences that promote stereotyping, and offer
strategies to reduce prejudice. What are the consequences of
stereotyping and discrimination? Who does this behavior hurt, and in
what ways does it hurt them? Are we inadvertently creating
self-fulfilling prophecies in our society? If so, how can we take steps
to improve attitudes, judgments, and behaviors?
Your paper must include an introduction, a thesis statement, and a
conclusion. Your completed assignment should be three to four pages in
length (excluding title and reference pages), include a minimum of three
references, and follow APA guidelines

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