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issa nutrition case study

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Case Study (due with final exam)

Find a potential client (friend, family member, current training client, yourself) and initiate an initial assessment.

  • Have the client complete the appropriate questionnaires. Forms can be found in the “Initial Assessment and Triage Questionnaire” packet included with your course materials.
  • Design and fully describe your nutrition and coaching plan for the client including:
  • Your findings from collecting preliminary client information
  • Client level and the reason for choosing this level
  • Limiting factors
  • Outcome goals
  • Behavior goals
  • Which assessments you will record and why/how you will incorporate the results
  • Your recommended nutrition and supplement plan
  • What (if anything) your client will need to discuss with his or her physician
  • Referrals to your professional network (if needed)
  • Proposed appointment scheduling including:
  • Frequency
  • What you will discuss at each appointment
  • Which assessments you will perform and when
  • A plan of action if you observe a plateau
  • A plan of action if your client changes his or her goals

Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your plan.

answer all questions

mla format

citations using issa information

include detailed step by step outline

inlucde full nutrition program

inclucde a real name

no plagarism

with plagiarism report

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