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History google slides presentation

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create a google slides presentation on the bombing of the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 8/7/1998, attached is the guidelines.

develop a 5-7 minute visual presentation designed to inform the President and his cabinet about the situation and give him options for how to handle it.

For this project, it is not 2018 and we are not in HS. We are in the White House, it’s the 1990s, and your event is happening now or just happened. Presentations, in other words, should be in present tense.

US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 8/7/1998 – What is the appropriate response to international terrorism?

Slide 1 – Context – What’s happening and what has led up to the current situation?

Slide 2 – Threat/Interest analysis – Is what just happened a threat to the US, region, our allies, and/or the world? If so, why? If not, why not? What, if any, US interests at stake in this event/development?

Slide 3 – Actions/Response – Should the US get involved or should we stay involved? What options are on the table and why should the president choose one option over the others? What are the potential consequences of the options?

Slide 4 – Properly formatted bibliography slide

The slides should be very visual. Give us a date, maps, pictures of your event and/or key individuals connected with it. They should not be all text…except, of course for the bib slide. You want to try to integrate primary source material from the time period into your presentation. A actual documents and/or photographs of your topic from the time period will spice up an already exciting project.

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