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School Transition Programs

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School Transition Programs

Note: This assignment meets 2009 CACREP Standard SC. C4; 2016 CACREP Standard SC. 3g.

One of the most important functions of the school counselor is to prepare students for key transitions – from one grade to the next, from one level to the next, and ultimately out of P-12 education to post-secondary opportunities.

This assignment provides you with the opportunity to design and develop a transition program, which would be part of your comprehensive school counseling program. You will create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines a program aimed at increasing the ability of students to manage and successfully navigate the transition.


For this assignment, you will choose one of three hypothetical roles. The entire assignment will be completed from the perspective of the role you select.

Roles and Settings (Select 1):

  1. Elementary School Counselor designing services for students who are transitioning into Kindergarten.
  2. Middle School Counselor designing services for students who are transitioning into Middle School.
  3. High School Counselor designing services for students who are incoming Freshmen.
  4. High School Counselor designing services for students in their junior and/or senior year who are preparing to who are preparing to transition to college.
  5. High School Counselor designing services for students who are planning to transition directly into the workforce after high school.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines a transition program you would facilitate for one of the scenarios above. Imagine that you are creating the PowerPoint for presentation at a faculty meeting. The purpose of the presentation is to describe the services you would provide directly to the students to support their transition as well as the indirect services and support you would provide to support students successfully managing the transition.

The slides themselves should appear as they would for your intended audience. Use the PowerPoint Notes feature to expand on the information on each slide and include references from the literature to support your work.

Ensure the following components are included in your presentation:

  1. Rationale:
    1. Describe your role as the school counselor in designing and developing school transition programs.
    2. Explain your rationale for developing this particular program (e.g., what is commonly experienced by students in this transition; why is it important to support this transition, etc.?); be specific, use data, and cite current literature.
  2. Direct Services: Identify and describe the direct services you would provide to support:
    1. The general group of students.
    2. Students who may need additional support.
  3. Indirect Services: Describe the indirect services you would provide the following stakeholders with the purpose of supporting student success in the transition:
    1. Parents.
    2. Teachers/Staff.
    3. Referrals to other providers within and outside the school.
  4. Evaluation: Describe how you would determine effectiveness of your transition program. Be specific and identify specific evidence and/or data you will use.

Remember: Direct services are the school counseling core curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services (e.g., individual and small group counseling). Indirect services are referrals, consultation, and collaboration.

Submit your PowerPoint presentation as an attachment to this assignment in the submission area for your instructor to review.

Refer to the School Transition Programs Scoring Guide for the grading criteria for this assignment. Use the scoring guide as a self-assessment tool and as a checklist for ensuring that you have fulfilled all the requirements.

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