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Mood management theory (sport and music)

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you make PowerPoint my topic is Mood management theory (music and sport)

Rationale: Theory isn’t only learned and used in the classroom – it is (and will be) relevant in your everyday life and professional pursuits as well. By completing this project, students should appreciate the link between theory and real-world application, especially in regards to your chosen concentration.

Requirements: Together with your group member(s), you must give a 10-minute presentation on your given theory that includes:

  • A brief history of the theory that includes the person or people responsible for its creation*.
  • A description of the theory – including any key terms and relationships between concepts. What is this theory explaining and how is it explaining it?*
  • A critique of the theory using the elements we discussed in class (an informed critique based on your own research about the theory and how other researchers have/have not used it):
    • Scope and boundaries
    • Logical consistency
    • Parsimony
    • Utility
    • Testability
    • Heurism
    • Test of time
  • Three possible research questions that would use ideas from your theory and that relate to your “common thread.”
  • An example of a real-world application of this theory (similar to what you are doing for your journals – how can we see this theory “in action” in a college-student’s life, for instance – or in a movie or television program.
  • A conclusion that highlights the importance of this theory for Communication Studies/DMI students.
  • *Works cited – where did you learn this information?

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