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Internal and External Influences

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Select a new product or service that will be
launched by either an existing organization or one you will create. This
will be the product or service you will use for the remainder of the
team assignments due in Weeks 4 and 5.

This is a team project for this class. Again, this is the only one portion of this paper that I am responsible for. I will let you know which new product or service that will be used as soon as the instructor approves it.

Develop a 300 to 400-word analysis explaining the following heading:

  • Given the projected changes in America’s demographics, which
    demographic shifts, if any, do you feel will have a noticeable impact on
    the marketing for your new product/service in the next 10 years?

Include at least three sources of research that
support your analysis; at least one must be the textbook, one from the
University Library, and one piece of secondary research.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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