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CHARACTER ANALYSIS for my first scene

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CHARACTER ANALYSIS (3 @ 50 points each = 150 points)

A character analysis is due for each of your roles the week prior to your graded performance. One analysis is due for your monologue, one for your first scene, and one for your final scene. Each analysis must be at least 4 full content pages MINIMUM and will be submitted to Canvas via TurnItIn.

* Title page that includes: Student Name, Assignment Title, Course, and Due Date

*Remember that the more in-depth your analysis is, the better able you are to develop an interesting and

dimensional character.

*Write this analysis in 1st Person (“I,” “me,” etc.). You are to write this analysis in your character’s voice

while still playing close attention to grammar, spelling, structure, etc. You can be inventive with style of 1st Person (e.g. a journal entry, a letter to a friend, an interview, a confessional, etc.), but you MUST follow the rubric topics IN ORDER found at the end of your syllabus. Don’t let style trump or interfere with content!

*When following the rubric found on pg9 of this syllabus, you must bold topics or signal phrases. This

allows you to more easily reference your choices when rehearsing your performance while incorporating theatre terminology into your vernacular. Examples of this style may be provided on Canvas and will be discussed in class. Significant points will be deducted for failing to follow this simple rule.

********************* GUIDELINES FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENTS *********************

To receive full credit on assignments, follow these guidelines.

*Read the assignment carefully. If you are not sure what to do, ask the instructor for assistance.

*Allow adequate time for planning and preparing writing assignments.

*Organize your thoughts. Support main points with additional information and use topic sentences to

introduce paragraphs.

*Do an outline and several drafts of the assignment before submitting it for a grade.

*Always use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and writing style.

*You MUST proofread your work. Please do not simply rely on a spell check program. I am a huge

stickler for this!

*Consult with a reference librarian if you need assistance finding information.

*Type or word process assignments, using appropriate spacing and font size (TIMES NEW

ROMAN 12 POINT FONT.) Number the pages with your last name and page number on the upper right-hand side, leaving 1 inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides of the paper.

*Cover page is required for all writing assignments. A works cited is required as needed.

This is a CI course. The MINIMUM page requirements for all assignments MUST BE followed. The university minimum page requirement is not negotiable. If you fall under the minimum written page requirement for class, you may fail the course!

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