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Two page psychology paper/response

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Please follow the guidelines below and you can use the attached powerpoint to find information about the two questions being asked. Feel free to use other sources as well. APA style paper. Thank you!

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to have you consider applying concepts discussed this semester to yourself.

You will use the following skills to complete this assignment:

  • 1)Apply concepts discussed to yourself.
  • 2)Write clear and brief short answers to a question.

You will use the following knowledge to complete this assignment:

  • 1)How consumers interact with therapists.
  • 2)What is necessary to become a therapist.
  • 3)How common stressors are in college students.


Write a brief response to the following two questions:

  • 1)What might you want to consider if you want to become a mental health professional or client in therapy?
  • 2)Read the list of college student stressors in the textbook on page 494. What are your reactions to the types of stressors on the list and the percentage of students that endorse a type of stressor? Are there any other stressors you would add to the list?


You will be successful in this activity if you can: (a) write a succinct, thoughtful response to each of the questions, (b) write clearly so that I can understand how you are thinking about this topic, (c) demonstrate your ability to integrate information across the course of the semester, and (e) write a response of high quality (e.g., APA-style, proper grammar, spelling, etc.). The papers should be approximately 2 double-spaced pages long in 11 or 12 point, Times New Roman or Calibri font, and 1 inch margins.

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