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Managerial Communication

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Managerial Communication Discussion

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3 replies.


Communication involves the transfer of a message from a sender to a receiver, as well as feedback to determine if the message was understood. Effective communication involves the sender encoding a thought and the receiver decoding it, but there are barriers. Barriers can include filtering, selective perception, information overload, emotions, language, gender, and culture, all of which may disrupt the flow and decoding of the message so that it is not effectively communicated. Managers can overcome these barriers by actively listening and using feedback to make sure that information is successfully communicated, whether it is face to face, networked, or through wireless communication.

Discussion Question

Being able to communicate is a quality of a good manager. Discuss the role that communication plays in management.

In your responses to your instructor and peers, elaborate on the topics, share additional experiences, ideas, or research, and ask additional questions to keep the conversation moving. This is a graded discussion. Post your initial response and two peer responses by their respective due dates.

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