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Topic: Path To Success In College 

Formatting expectations:

2-PAGE paper

-one inch margins on all sides
-double spaced throughout – Please delete the extra space between paragraphs.In Word, 
-go to the home tab, then “paragraphing” and then check the box that says “Don’t add 
space between paragraphs of same style.”
-12 point font (not 11 as Word is automatically set to)
-Arial or Times New Roman (not Calibri as Word is automatically set to)
-original title centered – no bold, no underline, no italics (Do not use the title in the example 
-header (light gray) in top right corner if more than one page – go to “insert page number” 
and choose the format that has the number in the top right corner.Type in your last name 
and a space and the pages will automatically number (as seen below).
-heading of four lines in top left corner like the example below

Write in paragraph format.

Length and content expectations:

Use the following as a guide to write your paper:

You will cover each item below in one or more paragraphs.(When you change topics you change paragraphs.)

  • Identify a barrier to your achievement of academic or career success.
  • Identify one or more strategies to address the identified barrier. Please do not forget to include any campus resourcesthat can help you overcome your barrier.
  • Analyze the barrier and explain why and how the barrier is significant.

(The following outline is to be used as a guide.Do not divide your paper into sections I, II and III. The paper should flow with transitions.)

I. Introduction

Include the purpose of the paper as identifying one (or more if you need more barriers to reach the two page minimum) opportunity for improvement (an area that scored a 1 or 2)from your SmarterMeasure report that you would like to address.There may be some other barriers as well that were not identified on the SmarterMeasure assessment, and you may address these areas as well.Tell the reader why these barriers or areas are significant issues and that you are including a strategy that can or has helped you overcome this issue.(Avoid actually “talking” to the reader though – do not use the word “you” in the paper.)

SmartMeasure.pdf ———> this is the smartmeasure report for reference of my results

II. What is the barrier?

Give information that clearly explains to the reader what the barrier is.

Consider: How do you know this is a barrier? How might this be a problem for your academic or career success?  Analyze this barrier and explain why and how the barrier is significant.

III. What is the strategy?

How can you overcome this barrier and move to being successful? If you are addressing this barrier currently, what are you doing to overcome this barrier?In other words, what strategies are you using to overcome this road block?

Consider: What resources do you need? What are some resources at the college that can help you with one of your barriers?Who can help you with this strategy? What can or has helped you move beyond this barrier? You must identify at least one on-campus resource that can assist you.

IV. Conclusion

Summarize your barrier and your strategy

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