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Case Analytic, psychology homework help

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As with you Research Project, you will want to refine aspects of your
Case Study Analysis to ensure that your hard work is reflective in a
quality final piece. Here are some things you will want to keep in mind:

  • Remember that
    this is still a scientific paper. Therefore, it should hold to all the
    APA standards that have been mastered during your journey. That includes
    the use of professional language, including the use of third-person
  • Be sure to
    cite sources. This will be essential when you are describing
    symptomology and etiology. You also may find it helpful when addressing
    the psychological perspective used to determine your analysis.
  • You will want
    to review the rubric to ensure that you have covered all the aspects
    that will be used during the assessment of your work. It may be helpful
    to assess your own work as though it were not your own work.

Your final Case Study Analysis, which should follow standard APA guidelines, should include the following:

  • Cover Page
  • Abstract: One paragraph briefly describing the case
  • Introduction
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Plan
  • Anticipated Prognosis
  • References

This is the case study so the case analytic has to bee done on him

Clark Manfort is a 46 year old industrious
and untiring male individual with a Christian denomination. He is acquitted
with a racial mixture of white and Hispanic and is currently employed at Educational
Systems of the North Atlantic where he makes himself enjoy his work although at
times he feels unfulfilled.

Clark Manfort is married for 27
years and he currently enjoys his romantic relationship although his chief
complaint as stated is the fact that he is faced with a significant number of
life stressors which are: Death of his parent, adoption of two children and the
change in job responsibilities. The client states that at work, his new boss
lacks support and partnership and he also quotes that this is succeeded by
financial pressure

Clark Manfort relates that he has
had problems with his sleeping habits in that he always wakes up very tired due
to pure quality sleep. The client also claims that he has had a history of
medication prescribed by his current primary physician, Dr. Jones, so as to
manage a physical health concern that he claimed of headaches, weight gain over
the last year and increased blood pressure. The client also doesn’t report any
changes in eating and denies an increase/decrease in alcohol/drug use although
he claims he takes a glass of wine each evening as prescribed by his doctor.
His recent claims on having suicidal thoughts is that he thinks of how it would
be if he wouldn’t have to deal with life anymore, in that it would be good if
something happened and he was dead.

In his interview, the client says
he has frequently tried having babies but nothing results so making peace with
the fact that he and his spouse cannot re-produce. This has resulted to the
client facing dramatic experiences of extreme depressed moods, rapid speeches,
extreme anxiety, dramatic mood swings and unexplained memory lapses. Throughout
the session, the client maintained a closed posture and vividly explains
everything clearly elaborating where necessary making the session awesomely
interactive although I noticed some little emotional display on somewhat
private issues like the issue of adoption.

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