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Please draw upon the content and learnings from the past sessions on self-leadership, assignment help

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Describe a scenario that you have experienced where at least three elements from the following factors:

•Stress (you and/or others)

•Motivation (you and/or others)

•Communication (between you and others)

•Leadership (you)

Others could consist of project personnel, other project managers, upper management, and other internal and external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers (for projects) or anyone who was involved in the case study other than yourself.

Preference goes to a project environment, however if you are unable to find a case that was related to a project, then you could venture outside the project environment, and if you are still having problems finding a personal experience, then email me and I will provide you with a case study. Please consider the following:

A1) How did you deal with the situation and each of the factors above?

A2) How could you have dealt with the situation and each factor more effectively?

A3) Define some strategies that you could take in the future when similar situations arise (treating each factor above)


Please draw upon the content and learnings from the past sessions on self-leadership , motivation , communication , especially for point 3 above – how would you have handled the situation differently from a leader’s perspective . Take the leadership approach of taking responsibility and really seeing how YOU could have dealt with the situation more effectively.

Length: Max Length 1500 Words

 please notice that not just put some definition on article ,find some example ,even fictional scenes,please tell the story in the first person。

When you write please follow the content I provided , If you still feel confuse , you can see the short example I provided。

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