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Draft of Final Paper (Including a Bibliography

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A draft of the final paper should focus on a given topic chosen by the students (for example, gentrification and displacement). The draft should be no more than four-pages long. The draft should define the topic and the premises of the topic; student should use the premises to define what interests them the most and use evidence to show this interest. The topic must be articulated in relationship to the class; if a topic is not appropriate, a draft will be returned for revision and resubmission. The definition of a premise should involve a series of description of events that catch your attention (the what-where-how-who questions of these events); once you define the premise, you should locate both peer review articles and book chapters that have discussed the issues that you are interested in (what are these articles and chapters saying about your topic/premise?).

(Bibliography) You should also list the news articles and book chapters that may be potentially useful for your paper (only list them in a bibliography). Your selection of articles and chapters should involve both newspapers and peer-reviewed articles and books. A minimum of 5 news articles and 3 book chapters or peer-reviewed articles should be discussed in the draft, whereas a minimum of 20 sources should be compiled in the bibliography (approx.. half peer reviewed articles and book, half newspaper articles). Due Date: June 21, 2018; Return Date: June 25, 2018.

Topic: Geographies of Chinese Diaspora: Incorporation into the Capitalist World Economy, Coolie Labor and Modern Day Slavery

Required Readings:

Alvin Y. So (1984). The Process of Incorporation into the Capitalist World-System: The Case of China in the Nineteenth Century. [PDF]

Evelyn Hu-DeHart (Forthcoming). From Slavery to Freedom: Chinese Coolies on the Sugar Plantations of Nineteenth Century Cuba. [PDF]

Morrison Wong – Chinese Americans, p.110-117 [PDF; read selected pages only]

Peter Kwong (2001). The Politics of Labour Migration: Chinese Workers in New York [PDF]


Finding Samuel Lowe: Afro-Chinese-Jamaican Harlem Family Seek Their Chinese Grandfather [Mandatory]

Chinese in the Frontier West: An American Story [Mandatory]

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