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Apple Case Study (4 Questions) 1-2 pages

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Please read and analyze the case attached and then answer these questions….

Take the position of a wealth manager for me:

1. I ask whether I should increase or decrease my current position in Apple – what do you recommend?

2. Support this position with an analysis of: At least three indicators of financial performance At least one measure of non-financial performance

3. A discussion of the threats to sustainability and what Apple is doing (or not) to address these threats

4. Assume I own all of the other competitors’ stocks too: If you recommend that I buy, which should I sell to free up capital? If I am to sell, what should I buy instead?

Please answer all questions and cite the case study in APA formatting. For the indicators of financial performance, please make sure to include Return on Equity (Dupont Identity). The financials are in the appendixes of the case.

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