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TML is a content-formatting language that enables users to specify the appearance and location of the components of a web page. HTML uses code “tags” to apply formatting instructions to text and other content that will be displayed on web pages.

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18 questions were answered correctly.

questions were answered incorrectly.


Brad launches a program in order to see all of his files, folders, and programs in one place.

Which element of the Microsoft Windows operating system is Brad using?

  • Security and Maintenance
  • File Explorer (formerly Windows Explorer)
  • Windows Shell
  • Taskbar


Windows users can view and organize files and folders with the File Explorer application (called Windows Explorer in earlier versions of Windows).


 The Microsoft Windows Operating System


IT specialists must possess technical knowledge and work well with others if they are to be successful. 

Select the IT specialist who demonstrates a hard skill.

  • Freddy uses problem-solving expertise to resolve an issue for the software development team.
  • Noel monitors a virtual chat program to keep in touch with other members of the IT department.
  • Elizabeth tracks her team’s progress on a software development project.
  • Maggie designs a new user interface for her company’s master control panel.


Maggie uses a hard skill when she designs software user interfaces. She acquired this technical skill by completing software design and user interface courses. The IT specialists in the other answer alternatives use soft skills to interact with team members. These soft skills include collaboration, problem solving, and communication.


 Information Technology in the Workplace


Amanda and her family recently moved into a new home. Everyone has their own tablet, and wants to connect to the same network, no matter where they are in the house.

Which type of network is best for Amanda and her family?

  • WAN
  • PAN
  • LAN
  • MAN


The most suitable network for Amanda and her family is a LAN (Local Area Network) because it connects devices in a small area (e.g., a home or group of homes). A LAN would enable Amanda and other family members to take their tablets anywhere in the house and remain connected. 


 Computer Network Types


All of the following would appear as records in a database table, EXCEPT:

  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Last Name
  • Armstrong


“Armstrong”, “Little Rock, AR”, and “Information Technology Specialist” represent records in a database table for a specific individual.  “Last Name” would be a column in the table, because it identifies the type of information that is contained in that column.


 Introduction to Databases


Jessica is a freelance writer who only uses a computer when she works in her home office. She typically writes for four to six hours a day. 

Select the best computer for Jessica.

  • A portable tablet computer
  • A laptop computer that connects to “the cloud”
  • A desktop computer with a large screen
  • A laptop computer with multimedia content


Jessica can use a desktop computer because she does not need mobility. She also needs a large screen because she works for long periods of time.


 Selecting a Computer


Eva downloaded an audio file from a file-sharing website. The download contained a file that recorded her computer usage without her knowledge or consent.

What should Eva do to remove the offending program, and prevent future attacks?

  • Eva should run an antivirus program.
  • Eva should change her method of user authentication.
  • Eva should upgrade her system to WPA encryption.
  • Eva should run an anti-spyware program.


Eva should download and install a spyware removal program. These are often bundled with virus protection software and firewalls, but are also available separately. Eva should also choose her downloads carefully. She must download only from reputable companies that have posted disclosure statements for users to review.


 Network Security


Which technology enables information to be synced, shared, and accessed at any time by a device connected to the Internet?

  • Autonomous technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Social media


Cloud computing enables the access and use of services, files, and information at any time, by any internet-connected device. Cloud computing services include Google Docs and Dropbox.


 Advancements in Computer Science


Which of the following is a best practice for maintaining a safe and healthy workstation?

  • Bending the wrist upward in order to access the keyboard
  • Placing the monitor screen 30 inches from the face
  • Lifting a monitor with the back straight and knees bent
  • Sitting in a desk chair that has been adjusted to a height that leaves the user’s feet three inches above the floor


A computer user should lift a monitor with his or her back straight, and knees bent. Failing to do so might cause health issues including back strain and headaches. It is important to consider ergonomics and to avoid problems by maintaining proper working posture. 


 Workstation Safety


Which of the following does NOT include both input and output components?

  • A portable SSD drive
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Video card
  • A printer with a scanner


The video card, also known as the graphics processing unit (GPU), generates images on a monitor and is an internal data processing component.

A printer with a scanner, a touchscreen monitor, and a portable SSD drive are examples of input AND output devices because they enable users to receive information from a computing system, and send information into a computing system.


 Computer Components and Roles


Select the sign of computer addiction that indicates neglect.

  • When confronted by his parents about the excessive amount of time he spent playing video games, Tom claims that he plays for only an hour every day.
  • While waiting in the light-rail station, David became so absorbed in an online political post that he missed his train and was late for work.
  • When confronted by her employer about the amount of time she spent checking her social media account at work, Heidi claimed that she only checks it during her breaks, and at lunch.
  • Fearing she would lose her place in the standings of an online game, Rachel declined to attend her cousin’s wedding.


Rachel declined to attend her cousin’s wedding in order to keep playing an online game. This is clear evidence of neglect.


 Computer Addiction


Which of the following statements about the relationship between hardware and software is true?

  • Software and hardware can act independently of each other.
  • A flash drive is an example of software.
  • Hardware can be present in intangible form.
  • Software consists of instructions that tell the hardware what to do.


It is true that software consists of instructions that tell hardware what to do. Software controls and commands hardware. 

The other statements are false. Software and hardware cannot function without each other. Without software, computer hardware is useless. Conversely, software cannot be used without supporting hardware. Hardware is the physical, tangible components of a computer; software comprises the intangible components. A flash drive is an example of computer hardware.


 The Relationship Between Hardware and Software


To which external hardware component does the arrow point in the given image?

  • Touchpad
  • Status light
  • Power button
  • Keyboard


The arrow is pointing to the status light of a laptop computer. Status lights provide information about the computer’s operating system.


 External Computer Hardware


In which of the following scenarios can a trademark be applied?

  • Twila paints a picture of Hawaiian scenery.
  • Peter names his new business “Garden Ornaments.”
  • Merle designs a web page for Peter’s business.
  • Mark writes and records a new song for his rock band. 


The main difference between copyright and trademark is that a copyright protects content and a trademark protects a brand. Twila, Merle, and Mark are protected by copyright because they are the creators of particular content. Peter’s business brand is protected by trademark.


 Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property


Identify the true statement about Windows tasks.

  • Users can only begin an application by clicking on the associated icon on the desktop.
  • The GUI controls the process for shutting down Windows.
  • Pressing the Windows key and the E key simultaneously is one way to end a program.
  • The Welcome screen lists the user accounts on the system.


The GUI does not control the process for shutting down Windows. Pressing the Windows key and the E key simultaneously will not end a program. Pressing the Windows key and the E key simultaneously starts the Windows Explorer program. Although clicking on an icon on the desktop is one way to start an application, the most common way to begin an application is by accessing the Start menu. The only true statement is that the Welcome screen provides lists user accounts on the system.


 Using the Microsoft Windows Operating System


A series of steps undertaken to reach a goal is known as which of the following?

  • Hardware
  • Data management
  • A process
  • Software


A series of steps undertaken to reach a goal is known as a process.


 Information Systems


Select the true statement about network protocols.

  • A protocol is a rule for transmitting data between computing devices.
  • Protocols determine the best method for resolving errors with data encryption.
  • The primary function of a protocol is to compress data to reduce storage requirements.
  • Every computer uses the same protocol to communicate, regardless of the network type.


A protocol is a rule for transmitting data between devices. A protocol specifies how data is transmitted, but does not resolve errors or process data. To communicate, connected devices must execute the protocol in the same way, but there are different protocols for different networks.


 Introduction to Computer Networks


Tyler works with a software development team at a large healthcare organization. His job is to identify the aspects of the software that must be tested, develop appropriate tests, run those tests, and evaluate the results.

What is Tyler’s role in the organization?

  • Software Developer
  • Software Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance
  • Analyst


Tyler is a Quality Assurance Specialist. He ensures that all development tasks meet quality criteria through test planning, test execution, quality assurance, and issue tracking. 


 Software Engineers and their Roles


Which statement describes an example of database software?

  • Microsoft Word enables users to write and edit text documents. 
  • Microsoft Excel enables users to perform calculations and statistical analyses. 
  • Microsoft Access enables users to create, store, and retrieve records.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint enables users to create animated presentations that can be projected on a screen.


Microsoft Access is a database management system used to store and retrieve records. It combines a relational database with a graphical user interface and software-development tools.


 Productivity Application Software


Which of the following is NOT a challenge of data warehouse design?

  • Determining analytics and reporting
  • Performance requirements
  • Internet speed
  • Data quality


Data quality, determining analytics and reporting, and performance requirements are challenges of data warehousing. Internet speed is not a challenge, because it does not affect the quality of data warehouse design. However, Internet speed does affect data access.


 Trends and Challenges with Data Warehousing


Game Changer Technologies has four software teams. Each of them is developing four different examples of its new game app.

Which software development methodology is used by the Game Changer teams?

  • Prototyping
  • Lean
  • Cascading/V-model
  • RAD


Prototyping is the software development methodology used by the Game Changer teams. Prototyping is a method in which a prototype (i.e., an early approximation of a final system or product) is built, tested, and reworked as necessary until an acceptable prototype is produced. The acceptable prototype is used to develop a complete system or product.


 Software Development Methodologies


Joan presses a button on her pointing device to select an icon to connect to the Internet.

This process describes the interaction between the __________ and __________.

  • touchpad, visual card
  • mouse, flash drive
  • touchpad, hard drive
  • mouse, ethernet card


This process describes the interaction between the mouse and a network interface card. By moving the mouse across a flat surface, Joan is able to click on the icon. The network interface card (NIC), also known as the ethernet card, enables Joan’s computer to connect to the Internet.


 Computer Components and Roles


Beth is a software developer who is focused on identifying early-stage interface problems.

Beth addresses the dimension of usability known as __________.

  • satisfaction
  • efficiency
  • visibility
  • error management


Beth addresses the visibility dimension of usability. Visibility is an important attribute of a user interface. It enables users to continuously know where they are within an interface, what they are doing, and what the subsequent tasks are.




Cristina is adding sound files to her presentation. 

Select the set of file types that Christina can use to add this media to her presentation.

  • .csv and .jpeg
  • .mp3 and .wav
  • .wma and .sql
  • .gif and .wmv


Cristina can use .mp3 and .wav files to add audio to her presentation, because these are audio file extensions.

.csv and .jpeg files will not work, because they are database and image files, respectively. 

.gif and .wmv files will not work, because they are image and video files, respectively

Although .wma is an audio file extension, an .sql file will not work because it is a database file.


 Application Software File Types and Formats


Sam is a member of a software development team. His job is to identify the system functions that must be validated, and to decide how to test new software.

What is Sam’s role on the software development team?

  • Programmer
  • Software Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Software Quality Assurance


Sam’s role on the software development team is Software Quality Assurance. A Software Quality Assurance Specialist tests software to ensure that it works, and works efficiently. The Software Quality Assurance Specialist’s main responsibility is to continuously improve software on schedule, and within budget.


 The Software Development Team


Select the true statement about HTML.

  • HTML enables users to format the components of a web page.
  • HTML is a network protocol.
  • HTML defines blocks of text to receive URL instructions.
  • HTML stands for hidden transfer markup language.


HTML is a content-formatting language that enables users to specify the appearance and location of the components of a web page. HTML uses code “tags” to apply formatting instructions to text and other content that will be displayed on web pages.


 Website Development

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