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Management Information system

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a group project for which you should work with your group members. To complete it,

  1. Introduce yourself on your group forum (Not on the course forum).
  2. Read other members’ threads and vote for one member as your group’s coordinator.
  3. Analyze the case (explained here).
  4. Use your group forum to exchange your and other members’ opinions. Use your group forum to communicatewith your group members. Your posted messages will be used to evaluate your participation on your groupproject.
  5. Write a report in a word processor file (e.g., Microsoft Word) and submit it to Blackboard (only your coordinatorshould submit it).
  6. Evaluate other members’ contribution and submit your evaluation form (to be available later).

Case Scenario

You are a member of your senior management group (e.g., CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.) and are called into a meeting which is about a serious problem that your company has faced. First, your competitors have used advanced technologies (robotic systems with artificial intelligence) which have helped them improve productivity and reduce costs dramatically. On the other hand, your company has insisted on human labor because “Humans First!” is the motto of your company. This ishumane and ethical. Eventually it may help your employees because their trust in the company will get stronger and may lead to the efficiency or improvement of production. Nonetheless, the company may not be able to hold its motto any longer because it may not be able to compete with the competitors that use modern technologies. Now your group should decide to select one of the possible options:

1. Use more modern technologies (robots with artificial intelligence) 2. Keep depending on human labor.

Discuss this case with your group members (via group forums and choose one of the options (or any alternatives). Once you have made your decision, list the benefits and problems of your choice. As for the problems, list any possible ways to remove or minimize them.

Complete your report in a Word file, and save it as GroupN.docx (where N is to be replaced with your group number). The file should include your group members who have actively participated in the process and should be submitted only by your coordinator on or before May 4, 2018.

Separate from this report, every member should submit his/her member evaluation form. This evaluation form will be available after the term project is submitted and will be used to identify those who do not participate in the group project. Those members who do not participation in this group project or your group discussion forums will get no credits.

The following guidelines will be used to grade your report:

* You can find more information on the APA style from the MSU library website ( There are no limitations on the length of the paper, but it should be comprehensive and concise.



Validity: Your analysis is reasonable.


Completeness: Your paper includes all the necessary information and analysis (e.g., enough references).


Clearness: Your paper is written clearly.


Conciseness: Your paper is parsimonious (i.e., does not include redundant components).


Format: Your paper conforms to the required writing style* (i.e., APA*).




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