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Get a Free Originality Report

how does child marriage effects the child’s mental and physical health

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The paper requires all students to design, conduct, and present an individual research project. The culmination of this project is an original research paper.

there should be quantitative data (survey)

the final paper should be 10-12 pages. It should include five or more academic sources.

Structure: The paper should contain the following sections:



Literature review


Findings and discussion



Format your work correctly: Double-space your paper. Write in a plain, 12-point font (e.g. Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, Cambria). Use a 1-inch margin. Number all pages. Do not include a cover page or a contents page. Title your work. Title, explain, and cite, if necessary, all figures you include – diagrams, tables, graphs, maps, images, and charts.

References should be cited in the paper and in a bibliography using APA referencing system.

Avoid plagiarism, all submitted work will be through safe assign.

Sources must be reliable. This means you should only use peer-reviewed journal articles and scholarly books distributed by reputable academic publishers. (You may still cite websites and other publications in your paper if they support your project and the argument, but these will not be counted. Such additional sources should also be cited and referenced appropriately).

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