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Draft writing assignment about Internet and computer addiction, art and design homework help

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Draft writing assignmentImagine
that you are a new counselor at the college’s student center

Topic: Internet and computer addiction

For the first part,
complete your Introduction for your paper. This should consist of two
paragraphs of 500 words each. The first paragraph describes the problem of the
client you are going to see. You should describe why they are coming in, what
motivated them? It’s a brief story. Your second paragraph should explain their
electronic addiction, including risks, issues, etc.

You may use
theses first four questions in the list:

  • 1.
     What is the presenting electronic addiction problem?  Provide a
    brief statement regarding why this student has come in today.  What
    motivated this client to get help?
  • 2.
     What is the electronic addiction?  Describe any short and/or
    long term risks of this addiction.  Relate this information
    specifically to this client’s situation.
  • 3.
     What is/was the progression of use of this addiction?  (Social
  • 4.
     What changed to cause your client to suddenly seek treatment?

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