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Complete 4 Psychology Rehab Assessment Questions

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Power, P. W. (2013). A guide to vocational assessment (5th ed.). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

1. Your consumer is profoundly hearing impaired. How would you develop a situation assessment site for this individual?

2. If you were to become seriously disabled, who in your family would be a resource for your care? What would be the impact of the disability on your family?

3. An evaluator colleague of yours enjoys meeting for several sessions with her consumer’s family. At times, she also engages in family counseling, although she has received no formal training in family counseling. She states, “I have experience.” Is this ethical, and what obligation do you have to deal with this situation.

4. You are talking with a supervisor in a supported work setting about your 28-year old consumer who is going through rehabilitation and assessment. His disability is substance abuse. From the information presented in Chapter 12, what behaviors do you believe are important for the supervisor to observe?

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