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can you proofread this?

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can you go over and proofread this essay and fix the grammatical errors? Also, give it a better title?

If you need to add anything to it, below are the instructions for the paper.

This paper is meant to give you practice at reading and summarizing scientific research.

You will be required to submit a 2 to 3 page summary of a psychological study in APA format. You must

include a title page and a reference page for your summary. The only limitations are that this

article must be from a peer reviewed scientific journal (not a book chapter, dissertation, or

magazine article) and that the topic of the article must be one that ties to this course (any

psychology article you find should work for that piece). You will be able to retrieve a copy of a

published scholarly article from online or any library, as long as it is from an official Psychology

journal (i.e. search Google Scholar). Please be aware that some journals may require a fee for

acquiring a copy of a journal article unless you go through ASU’s Nielsen Library or any other

library membership.

A summary paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction will

introduce the article you are reviewing and how you will be presenting it. The body of the paper

should summarize the article in your own words. Finally, the conclusion should include some critical

thoughts. What did you think? What did you learn? What were some limitations of the study?

What are some future implications?

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