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Sicko Movie Critique, health and medicine homework help

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Watch the movie Sicko by Michael Moore

“Sicko” Movie Critique: Students will watch this 2007 docudrama by Michael Moore. Students will then prepare (by using the 5 questions below) a 5 – 6 page critique of this film.

YOU MUST USE THE BELOW AS HEADERS FOR YOUR RESPONSES. (Each question is worth 3 points).

1. How do the disparities displayed in the movie differ between the U.S. and the other countries reviewed in the movie? Please be sure to compare each of the four countries systems to the U.S. system.

2. Consider the political and public policy conditions that affect the health conditions displayed in the movie within these countries, again, be sure to address each of the four countries presented.

3. The film shows that different countries have found a variety of ways to make their health care available to everyone. Could any of these methods be used to improve the U.S. health system? Address each countries offering as a potential alternative to the US system, what would need to be changed to make it work?

4. What further information do you need to understand how other countries figured out how to do this? Identify how each country has funded their system.

5. In your opinion, recognizing this docudrama is 10 years old; does this film portray a realistic picture of the US health system TODAY? Provide meaningful support of your position.

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