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Read a comic book and apply some theories in it

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For your final paper, you will be conducting a very basic critical analysis of a graphic novel of your choice. You may also use a story arc consisting of several issues. You may not use a single issue of a comic for your analysis. Here’s the breakdown:

· 4 pages total

· 1” margins

· MLA format (including headings and Works Cited Page)

· 4 sources (one for the book itself. One for your theory. Two others for supporting evidence (could be other critical analyses or other definitions for your theory, or a definition describing your lens of choice, etc.)

How to move forward:

1. Pick a graphic novel or story arc. Approve it with me.

2. Read it.

3. Think about which lens would work. Remember. This semester we covered:

a. Psychological Lens

b. Sociological Lens

c. Race/Ethnicity

d. Feminist Lens

e. Monomyth

4. Find a theory within the lens you choose. For example, if you choose the psychological lens, choose a psychology theory.

5. Write paper.

Writing the Paper:

The paper is broken down into six sections.

1. Introduction

2. Summary (1/2 page).

3. Value judgment (1/2 page) (what did you like about the comic book? What didn’t you like?) Cover:

a. Art work

b. Content (story)

c. Character(s)

d. You may cover other elements like paneling, lettering, etc.

4. Introduce us to your lens and theory (1/2 page to 1 page)

a. Tell us about your theory? Which lens does it fall under? Who created the theory? Can you provide us with a working definition?

5. Analyze your text using the lens.

6. Conclusion

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