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Marketing: Email Campaign

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Activity: Designing Email Campaigns that Target Different Stages of the Sales Cycle

This assignment takes you through the strategic planning and creative process for developing email campaigns for the company you are developing. You will analyze the various stages of the user journey a consumer would experience when using their e- commerce or services and come up with an email campaign, choosing one of the following audiences:

a) New Subscribers
b) Repeat Purchasers
c) Loyal Customers

For the audience of your choice, compose an email campaign in Mailchimp (or other ESP) that best targets that audience group. You will be responsible for the following creative elements for the email campaign you design:

1- Subject Line
2- Header logo
3- Headline
4- Message
5- Offers
6- Call to action
7- Images and creative layout and design

In a separate word document you should include:

1) an explanation on why it would be most effective for that audience.
2) A description of each landing page and its content
3) Conversions
4) Tracking strategy
5) Key performance indicators (KPI)


1) Define the target audience and create an o er that would appeal to them at their specific stage in the sales cycle.
2) I highly recommend that you sign up and create email campaigns in Mailchimp. It’s free and easy to use. Mailchimp provides numerous resources on how to set up an account and create a campaign. Visit Mailchimp’s resource centre for more information. Alternatively, a search in YouTube will provide many video tutorials on a setting up a Mailchimp account.

Assignment Format

You may submit your assignment in the form of an email created with any email service provider you are familiar with and a supplementary Word document summarizing the email campaign.

1. Send your email as a campaign through an ES Please do not send it as a test from a template as I will be unable to read your subject line if you do.
2. In the footer of the email please put your first and last name
3. Then submit your word document to the Dropbox folder outlining:

a) an explanation on why it would be most effective for that audience.
b) A description of each landing page and its content. (Alternatively, if you use Mailchimp you can actually design a landing page as it is a feature tool within the platform. You could then link your email campaign to a real designed landing page and not have to describe it within this word document)
c) Conversions
d) Tracking strategy
e) Key performance indicators (KPI)

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