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how manners have changed over time

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Assignment 3: Course Project—Topic Choice

During this course, you will be working on a five-paragraph essay that presents an informed, cohesive opinion on a topic of your choice. In this assignment, you will select that topic and explain why it appeals to you more than any other topic. Think carefully about each possibility in the list of topics. Which one can you best explain? Which one do you know about the most? Why does this one appeal to you more than any of the others?

Choose one topic from the following list:

  • Qualities of an ideal teacher
    What are the qualities of an ideal teacher and how are they applied? What characteristics do ideal teachers have?
  • Qualities of an ideal businessperson
    What characteristics enable someone to succeed in the field of business as opposed to any other field?
  • Characteristics of a good citizen
    How/why are citizens responsible to their government? What things should an individual do on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to qualify as a good citizen? Why are these actions worthwhile or important? What difference do they make in the governance of a city, county, state, or country?
  • How manners have changed over time
    What sorts of behaviors were previously accepted? What new behaviors are widely accepted in society today that were not acceptable in the past? What has caused these changes? How do these changes affect the next generation?
  • Projects, programs, or initiatives that could make a community more enjoyable to live in
    How would these projects, programs, or initiatives benefit the community? Who would benefit most from these steps? Are there any foreseeable disadvantages to these proposals?

Respond to the following in one paragraph (six to eight sentences):

  • Why does your chosen topic appeal to you more than any other topic?

Be sure your response paragraph includes:

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting sentences

Remember: Your response is explaining why you have chosen the topic; you are not actually writing the essay for this assignment!

Save your 6- to 8-sentence paragraph in Word format.

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