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Healthcare finance

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The business plan should be 5–10 pages
(excluding title page, table of content and reference page). The business plan must be in APA format
and all references must be in a reference page

The business plan should include the following components:

A. The name of your business

B.A description of your business. Describe your idea; purpose, mission, vision, background information,
and description of the product and or service. The business must be related to
the healthcare field (e.g., a doctor’s office, a home healthcare practice, a
new hospital, etc.) Discuss how your business will meet a significant
marketplace need or solve a problem or challenge that currently exists in the
community. Discuss why you believe it is worth pursuing.

C. Targeted location (Where you would propose to establish this business and explain your reasoning).

D. Market analysis: Define the target market for your idea, why you think it exists, what you believe to
be the size of the market demand for your idea, and who your competitors will
be. Discuss how you would bring your product or service to market (how you
would go about building or developing your product, service or idea into a
real, tangible product or service that customers would want and buy). Perform a
S.W.O.T. Analysis.

E. Budget: Create a budget that shows and discuss what it would cost in terms of time and resources to bring it to market and make it available to the public. In doing so, outline your plans to manage revenue (compliance management), manufacture the product or perform the service (including the
proposed manufacturing process or method of performing the service) and your projection of the production costs, which may include: material labor, employees, salaries, equipment facility, etc).

F. Requests for proposal (RFP): Include in your plan at least one product request from vendors for
equipment you will need for your business. For example, electronic systems are commonly used in healthcare businesses. You can draft a request to review different electronic systems from various vendors that you might use in your business. Be sure to include details on the type of electronic system needed.

G. Discuss risks and or uncertainties within your proposal: Outline what you believe are the most
significant risks and uncertainties that you are likely to experience in bringing your idea to market and discuss how you would deal with them.

H.  Marketing strategy:
Discuss your marketing and sales strategies. In doing so, discuss: Your target market, and how you plan to reach that market (e.g. distribution strategy, pricing strategy, promotion strategy). Discuss how your business will offer a unique value proposition and be able to sustain a competitive advantage in the market.  Discuss your marketing plan and budget to promote the business online or

I. Discuss expected profit and return on investments: Estimate the revenues you expect to earn, as well as
the costs and expenses you expect to incur, and the resulting profits you would expect to earn over the first 3–5 years. Remember, even a non-profit business needs to be able to bring in enough revenues to cover its expenses. Estimate the amount of money you think would have to be invested to get your business started.

J. Discuss your assessment of whether or not your business service is likely to be successful.

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