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ethical dilemma

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TOPIC 1: Ethical Dilemma

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is an advocacy organization whose intent is to encourage the ethical use of direct marketing to solve advertising and communication problems. The association’s task is not easy, given the ethical tension between members of the industry and consumer advocacy groups.

Many of the complaints about invasion of privacy, high pressure tactics, and false information are directed against the direct marketing industry. Visit the DMA Web site at http://www.the‐ Examine how the DMA addresses ethics complaints and advocates for the industry.

What ethical issues do you think were adequately addressed by the DMA?

What ethical issues do you think still need to be resolved?

How would you rate the organization’s effectiveness based on what you have seen and read?

Discuss your findings with at least one (1) of your classmates. Use a minimum of two (2) references to support your comments.

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