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Dq’s Orginal Please Need help!!!!!!!!!

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Compose an original response and in your own words; provide an overview of the following:

  • What is meant by a congenital disease or condition?
  • What are some of the diseases once common in childhood that have
    been significantly reduced in populations using recommended

In the Vermicomposting clips, we learn that vermicomposting is an
emerging entrepreneurial enterprise. Later the speaker says, there’s a
market for vermiculture and that worm castings  – poop – are sometimes
called ‘black gold.’.

Use INFERENCE to decide what the speaker means when he describes worm castings as ‘black gold’?

Use INFERENCE add what you already know aboutentrepreneurship
and gold to what you learned in the video – to make some predictions
about the future of vermicomposting and vermiculture.

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