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disc 2-5 week, nurse can use the structural theory and the family, writing homework help

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Please do a paragraph about this post with this instruction .

post most have  4 or more  sentences .

 you also have to have a high quality post from a content perspective. This means it also needs to do more than agree with or praise a class mate. If you agree with a classmate, explain why, give an example, share what you learned in the readings, ask questions of each other, etc.

 The nurse can use the structural theory and the family
developmental theory to assist with the changes the family are about to
undergo, especially toward the patient’s daughter that will be assuming the
role of a primary caregiver through the following steps –

  Firstly, the nurse have to involve other
healthcare team members which will include the Doctor and the social worker to
ensure that the changes been made by the patient, daughter, and family will not
have any negative effect on anyone’s health especially the patient, or create
tension on the family existing way of functioning and living. Again the nurse needs
to ensure that the  environment been
moved in by the patient will be supportive and beneficial towards her health.

 Secondly, “the nurse should show empathy- This
is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to be able to walk
in her or his footsteps so as to understand her or his journey “(Maurer,2013)
(pp. 305). The daughter is already under stress by taking care of her family
and managing her career, so in this case, the nurse needs to be a good listener
and understand her needs, either emotional or physical and try to provide the necessary
support needed from the  community or
medical teams in other to avoid additional stress to the daughter that might
affect her health.

 Thirdly, “increasing understanding through communication skills –
Through communication, the nurse discovers the meanings of particular things to
families and validates these meanings”(Maurer,2013) (pp. 307). The nurse needs
to create a trusting relationship with this family that will promote good communication,
and when this happened, the family will be more open with communication, which
as a result will enable the nurse identify some family/personal issues or
concerns  that needs to be addressed for the benefit of the family.

  When  all these has been considered and implemented by the nurse, then the nurse will provide health
education to the daughter and every adult that will be involved in the care of
the patient in an understanding and not confusing way which will include
patient health conditions, management of the patient condition and the
changings to expect during her aging process ,then support the teaching with
easy to read papers, provide 24hours service phone number to call in case of
questions, change in health status, or for supports and sometimes offer
assistant to the family by arranging for home health aide that will help with
patient daily activities, more especially follow up with the family to assess
their coping and dictate when the responsibility is affecting the health and
well- being of the primary caregiver and family and intervene were necessary.
All these will help to promote the health of the family.

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