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Describe what life was like for soldiers and civilians during the Civil War?

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    For this discussion,
    s article from The Diary of a Union
    Soldier (1862)”
    in the course reader: For the Record and Relevant Passages in
    America: A Narrative History

    reviewing the documents discuss the following:

    Life in the Civil War

    Historians rely upon a wide variety of sources
    in their efforts to understand the past. Letters, diaries, memoirs and
    photographs are useful sources. They are especially helpful in reconstructing
    the day-to-day lives of “common” folks in American history. For
    example, they provide insights into the life of a soldier during the Civil War.

    o Describe
    what life was like for soldiers and civilians during the Civil War.

    o Discussion
    Board Post:

    § Review the article in the course reader and
    answer the below questions in 250 words
    or more.

    § All discussion must have must use 5 footnotes and a bibliography at the end.

    § Only use the course reader or textbook, no
    outsider other sources can be used.

    § You will lose 30 points off the assignment for
    no footnotes, for quoting, using outside sources, and attaching a file to the
    discussion board.

    § All statements must be in your own words,
    avoid quoting.

    § To get the maximum amount of point students
    must answer each question.

    § It is up to the student if they want to retype
    each question with numbers.

    § Do not weigh your comments down with

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