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Demonstrate the components of a restaurant concept, assignment help

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Deliverable length: Restaurant Concept Proposal: 1–2 pages

Course Objective(s):

  • Demonstrate the components of a restaurant concept.


You are just about to graduate from culinary school and want to open your own restaurant. You have decided to put together your thoughts and ideas about the establishment. Based on what you have learned, you know that to get started, you need to have the following information:

  • Type and style of facility: fast food, casual, upscale, etc.
  • Service level: table, tableside, self-serve, etc.
  • Menu: What types of dishes will you are offering? What will be the average check price per person? (target)
  • Location: Where will your establishment be located?
  • Target market: Who will be the primary guests of the establishment?
  • Atmosphere: What does it look like, and what is the overall environment?

Write a proposal (1–2 pages) that includes all of this information.

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