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Chapter 19, Safe for Democracy: The United States and World War I, 1916-1920, Assignment Homework Help

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Before answering these questions, please read Ch. 19 in Foner’s “Give
Me Liberty,” and watch the first four segments of the Presidents
documentary in this module. Answer BOTH of the following questions. Be
sure to include citations in your original post and reply as directed on
the syllabus.

In your original post, answer the following:

1. If you were alive during WWI would you have supported or opposed the entry of the U.S. into that war? Why?

2. The U.S. government often curtails civil liberties during wartime.
In what ways did the federal government curtail civil liberties during
WWI? Do you think limiting these liberties during wartime is justified?
Why or why not?

For your reply, find a classmate that agreed with your response to
either of the above questions and refute their argument. If you
supported US entry into WWI in your original post, your reply should
argue against entering. If you believed the federal government was
justified in curtailing civil liberties, your reply should argue that
curtailment was not justified (or vice versa).

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