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Behavior evidence analysis

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Assignment Objectives

Identify key terms and methods relating to criminal profiling and behavioral evidence.

Describe the use of forensic psychological testimony in the courtroom.

Step 1: Download and read the following field investigative notes from each crime:

Step 2:
Consider the following:

  • After reviewing each case, begin taking notes on each offender’s M.O. and possible signature behaviors.
  • Be careful to distinguish the M.O. from the signature behaviors.
  • Label any M.O. behavior that is distinctive enough to personalize the offender as signature behavior.

Step 3
Take your notes of each case, and write a report (2–3 pages) addressing the following questions:

  • Reconstruct the crime using the evidence noted in the investigative notes, focusing on the who, what, when, why, and where. Keep in mind that every detail (even minor details) gives you insight into each case.
    • Can you identify the offenders M.O.?
    • Does the offender exhibit signature behaviors?
    • What is the likely explanation of the crime?
    • What could be some less likely explanations to this case that you may want to consider?
    • APA 6TH Edition

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