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6.10 Lab Project Criminal Justice

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First Link:

Watch the video. Then, answer the question that follows in a single paragraph.

  1. Why do you think people are so interested in forensic science?
  2. How are fingerprints analyzed?
  3. How does real fingerprint analysis differ from the fingerprint analysis shown on television programs such as CSI?
  4. Are you surprised to learn that fingerprint analysis is actually subjective, not objective?
  5. What is the only forensic evidence that experts agree to be 100 percent accurate?
  6. Who decides whether expert witnesses can testify in court?
  7. Are you surprised to discover how easy it is to become certified as a forensic scientist?
  8. After viewing the video, how do you feel about the validity of forensic science?

Second Link:

Select the link above to access the interactive simulation of a crash-scene investigation. Then, select the red button to start. From the Crash Scene Menu, select the first option, “Collecting the Evidence.” Select the start button. Select the continue button. As you complete the first four segments of the activity (“Collecting the Evidence,” “Interviewing the Witnesses,” “Calculations & Forces,” and “Drawing Conclusions”).
  1. Were you surprised to learn how much time and effort goes into reconstructing and analyzing a crash scene? Explain.
  2. What do you think the most difficult part of the process is for officers? Explain.
  3. Why is crash-scene analysis so important?

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