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world war II, history assignment help

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Write a 1,250- to 2,100-word research report about World War II. Following directions from your instructor, choose one of the options listed below for your subject.  

Cite at least six references for your paper. Include at least two peer-reviewed references and at least four primary sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Address the following questions to explain the Holocaust in light of Western ideals.

• Describe the roots of anti-Semitism in Europe. Include at least two philosophical or ideological justifications used to rationalize or justify anti-Semitic actions, and how these justifications relate to traditional Western ideals.

• Describe anti-Semitic thoughts and actions within Germany during the period 1900-1940. Compare them with anti-Semitism within the United States during the same period.

• Describe Germany’s Final Solution. What happened, who was behind it, who carried it out, and who were its victims?

•  In your view, why does anti-Semitism occur? Why do any actions or thoughts of intolerance occur toward those considered inferior?

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