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New Business Development Plan

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I am needing a new start business development plan that can be presented to a bank if needed for funding and to sell the business as well to customers. Easy to Read document at least 3 pages in length with preferable charts for viewing financial aspects. Straight to the point covering some of these highlights all the questions do not need to be answered it is just a general idea:

Financial aspects- business start is roughly 30000

Competitors- no one within 50 mile radius offers DTG

1) What is it that your customers need and cannot find elsewhere? Even if your business isn’t unique, highlight the key reasons why your business needs to exist. Perhaps your location is unique or your pricing strategy is different than that of your competitors.

2) How do you solve the problem that your customers face? What makes your products or services compelling to them?

3)What other options do your customers have to address their needs, and what makes your solution better for them?

4) How much revenue do you expect to make in the first year of your business? What kind of revenue growth do you expect in the following years? When do you expect your business to be profitable, or do you have a strategic reason for running at a loss instead? What are the key metrics that you need to watch?

The business:

Name: Just Stick It, LLC

Location- Small town in Kansas

Business location- along highway excellent store front

Digital To Garment- T-Shirt Printing

Offering-t-shirts and hoodies multiple sizes,sweats, koozies, baby bibs, mouse pads, unfinished untreated wood.

Amongst the business we will also have wood-working crafts available for purchase.


Why Us:

When searching for a company to handle you custom screen printing needs a couple factors come into play, the biggest is the quality of craftsmanship, customer service, and of course price. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service from the second you walk in our door to the time your order is complete!

Our goal is to bring artwork to life, we enjoy designing and producing clothing for everyone’s needs. The difference between T-Shirt Labs and the other companies is we enjoy what we do; this isn’t just a business for us, we offer our services but we also own and operate our own clothing line.

So when you are searching for a company to handle your needs you can rest assured you will be in good hands with us!

With our small town highway front location, we are well situated to serve three core groups: local businesses, travelers, and the weekend crowds. Our research suggests that those segments together represent a pool of more than 50 potential customers per day. Factor in the competitor although not offering the same printing, therefore with the strong growth in the t-shirt industry we see a great opportunity here.

Offering digital t-shirt printing with fast turnaround is what our customers are looking for. Digital printing is not offered within a 50 mile radius of our location at this time.

Digital printers rely on a four-color processing system that includes: cyan, magenta, black and yellow. These four colors are the basis of digital printing. The digital systems take an art file and reproduce it directly by sending it to the press.

The Features of Digital Printing

-Uses a four-color processing system to create designs: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
-Does not require screens or plates
-The maximum print size on digital jobs is 120 inches.

Digital Printing Advantages

-Prints all colors in a single pass and makes the process more efficient
-Since the process is digital, there is a perfect registration between individual colors
-No bleeds or traps occur because digital printers use butt registration
-Capable of reproducing any type of graphic
– Reduces prep time for efficient project completion

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