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By ….. October 13th, 2017

The executive management should give employee freedom of full access to the internet. However, the executive should inform the employees to use their time at job responsibly focusing the company goals and objectives. The employee, on the other hand, should understand why they are at the job. As much as freedom to the internet should be granted, they should ensure that they do not get into it until they forget why they are at work. They should use internet for the minimum time possible to break job monotony, learn some information and continue with their routine responsibilities.

Employees need to be updated. The employee needs to get the latest information about the company and other businesses and interact with different groups on social media. This can keep up their motivation and they can lead to the increase in production because of the information they might obtain from the social media. This is only possible if the company executive gives them the freedom to access the internet.

Gain new Ideas. The Internet gives new ideas to the employees. Sharing of information on social media can give employees new ideas on how they can solve problems that arise at work. This will make it easy for the executive in handling cases from time to time as the employees can do by themselves. The Internet can also be used by employees to find out how to go about the problem that they may encounter in the course of work. For instance, a problem associated with using a certain computer program.

Identification of the gap in the market. Through the internet, employees can get access to a social media platform. Through this platforms, they can realize what the customer expects and where he or she is not satisfied. This information can be of importance to the company in meeting customer needs.

Work should be enjoyed by employees and should not be a place of stress for motivation. This can only be achieved through freedom to internet access.

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