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The Hiring Process

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You practiced with the hiring process concepts in the Learning Activity this week. Learning how to apply this process should better prepare you for your current or future management position. Most managers must participate in or are responsible for the hiring process at some point in their jobs. If you run a small business you may have to do all the hiring yourself, at least initially.

Read the scenario below and then respond to the Discussion topics.


GlobalTrek is an adventure clothing and supply company. They specialize in first time – moderate experienced adventure travelers. They carry travelling clothes that are meant to take a beating, as well as gear such as rehydration salts, climbing ropes and carbines, backpacks with emergency GPS devices, and the like. They also have various global treks going on throughout the world that are guided lasting anywhere from 7–30 days. They now have 65 employees and are projected to pass 100 employees within the next 2 years.

Their employees are young but experienced outdoors personnel. They outsource any inventions they create in terms of gear to two companies in Asia. They then sell assorted existing gear from other companies as well. Usually they have had no problems hiring people through referrals and social networking. But lately they have had some concerns that some of the potential employees may pose a security risk and expose them to additional liability. They also need to hire additional coordinating and administrative personnel. Their clients are typically in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. But one of their faster growing segments is young families.

  • What should the titles of the jobs be and what should the job specifications include for each type of position?
  • How should they advertise these positions? Justify your choices.

Please response 3 posted below #1 to 3

1. From: Shane Hammontree posted May 2, 2018 10:59 AM

The job title I have chosen for the additional coordinating and administrative position for globaltrek would be “Administrative Coordinator training specialist”. The job specification is a list of the skills and abilities required to be successful in that position. For the administrative coordinator training specialist position, the job specifications would read; GlobalTrek is an adventure clothing and supply company that specializes in moderate experienced adventure travel. Currently looking to fill our administrative position requiring you to have 5 years’ experience in administrative skills, coordinating with airlines, hotels, rental car companies and be diverse in multiple regions of the world. The way to advertise for this position will consist of a number of methods; career websites, HR consultants, headhunters, linkedin and specific interest websites. I would use the same process for all the current positions depending on the varying skills needed to accomplish the specific job.

The other job titles are directed in reference to the suspected security risk, potentially exposing the company to future liability concerns. The job title would be “Adventure tour guide”. The job specification for those positions would read; GlobalTrek is an adventure clothing and supply company that specializes in moderate experienced adventure travel. Currently looking to fill tour guide positions with a minimum of 5 years of outdoor, survival experience. You will be required to poses a passport, pass a security screening and be able to travel for up to 30 days. Advertising for the open positions will be the same process as earlier.

2. From: Wesley Turner posted May 3, 2018 11:25 AM

Giving the company a job title to go along with each position. The first job title that I would Implement is Indoor/Outdoor Sales Representative and the job description would be to demonstrate and sale equipment that is sold. This job would consist of commission sales mostly because it requires the employee to sell the products that are offered. The second job would be an advertiser which would be in charge of telling customers about the different items that are sold ,what each one do, and how to use them properly. The third job would be Office Manager, their job would be running the everyday office duties and keeping up with sales. The last position would be an Accounting, their job ultimately watch the numbers of the business and make sure that it is being profitable.

The way that I would advertise these positions are Indeed Jobs, Universities, Local Markets, Temp Agency, and pop-up ads on different web pages. The reason for using these choices are the locations that they will be listed. It will be at the closest University, if there is one, and attempt to employ students that would like to learn about the business and save money by allowing them to do their intern there. The rest of the choices are made for internet use which is becoming the go to thing now. It will reach others that can’t be reached locally.

3. From: Debra Clendenin posted May 4, 2018 9:37 PM

GlobalTrek is needing to hire additional personnel for its growing business. They currently have 65 employees. They have had concerns about some of its recent potential employees are high risk. They have had luck in the past with advertising with social networking and employee’s referrals then to continue this would be beneficial. Another tool that would help them it a work fair. Researching community college and local employment offices could show work fairs they could attend to attract employees. They are looking to hire a coordinating operator, administrative assistant, and an outdoor tour guide. The coordinating operator should have 5 plus years in operations. Proficient in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Great communication and customer services sills a must. The administrative assistant should be a friendly and energetic with a flexible schedule. Be comfortable in high stress situations and ability to think on their feet. The outdoor tour guide must have experience with the outdoors and at ease leading groups. Five years or more experience with the outdoors.

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