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1. What is the Paris Agreement? Post a brief (in your own words) Who?, What?, How? and Why? Provide an example what it’s meant to do. Do not cut and paste — see the plagiarism statement in the syllabus if you’re unclear. Posts that are pasted from another source will result in a zero for the entire chapter.

2.In your own words, how might politics, power and identity be related? How might your identity affect politics, or your politics affect identity? How might identity be a form of power?

3.Do you have an identity that automatically speaks for your positions on many different political issues (gun rights, abortion, the death penalty, immigration, or any other debated issue?) Or, do you assess different issues on a case-by-case basis? Either way, provide an example.

4.Conduct some basic web research and create an argument for or against Turkey as a western political society. You can highlight both sides, but take a position one way or the other. Politically, is Turkey western or not? You may include non-traditional forms of politics in your answer.As usual, this should be in your own words. If you paste anything without citing it, you will receive a zero for this chapter.

each part must not exceed 4 to 5 sentences.

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