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4-2 Milestone Three: Draft of Literature Review and Needs Analysis

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Submit Milestone Three, a draft of the literature review and needs analysis, addressing all critical elements from Section III and IV of Capstone Component 1.

III. Literature Review: Using primary and secondary sources, analyze how the problem is being addressed in other communities. How prevalent is it?
Through a review of the literature, evaluate the social, political, and historical milestones and trends relative to the identified problem. You should also
review interventions that have been attempted in other communities and their success, or lack thereof.

IV. Needs Analysis: This section should include your analysis of the information you gathered on the community. This will provide the conclusions you have
drawn from thinking about the findings you described in the preceding section. Based on your assessment of the community and comprehensive analysis
and evaluation of the problem:
• What is the magnitude of the problem in the community?
• What resources and interventions currently exist in the community?
• Provide a description of the impact the current resources and interventions are having on the population. Are they effective? Why or why not?
• What are the obstacles that exist in the community that prevent impacting or addressing the problem?
• Why is this problem one that the community needs to address? What are the demographics of the individuals affected by the problem?


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