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Write a memo depending on a Case Study, business and finance homework help

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Hi all

I need this to be ready on Friday 19th Feb.

Read the case study, In the Vapor, at the end of Chapter 6. Put yourself in Linda’s position in order to complete the following.

  • You need to communicate to Thomas your position on the decision. Use the guidelines from Chapter 5 to select the appropriate form of communication. Be prepared to justify your decision.
  • Follow the guidelines for organizing your message and choosing the appropriate style, design, and medium. Be prepared to justify your approach.


  • 4 pages paper, not including title and reference pages. This page count does include the memo, letter, or email message that you write to communicate with Thomas. The paper should include the following:
    • Introduction : the purpose of the report
    • Form of communication: what was selected and justification (I think Memo is the best)
    • Creating the communication: How did you organize the communication? Justify your selection of style, design, and medium.
    • The final product: Include the memo, letter, or email message that conveyed your communication.
  • You must include a minimum of two (2) credible sources, not including the text, and use proper citation. 
  • Your paper must follow  academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, as appropriate.

the book is on the next link:

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