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research class assignment

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Answer the following and cite the locations where you found the answer by URL or title and name of author, publication and year.

Cite your source for each (URL).

  1. What is “The Dark Figure of Crime?”
  1. Name 5 possible reasons why Crime is not reported?
  1. What is the NCVS in regards to statistics?
  1. What are possible problems with the validity of NCVS reporting?
  1. Which is more accurate data in crime reporting? The NCVS or FBI UCR?
  1. Regarding the discussion report of disparity of solved murder cases in San Francisco; What may be reasons for the disparity?
  1. What is a U-Visa and what does it have to do with crime reporting?
  1. What percentages of sexual assaults are actually reported?
  1. Are college campus sexual assaults higher or lower than the national average?
  1. Name three scholarly articles by title and URL that discuss Crime reporting.

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