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Please answer questions on Gender Issues at workplace

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Please answer Activity 1 and 2

Activity #1


The pregnant professor

Select two of the questions at the end of the case study (page 65 and 66) and respond to the questions supporting your reasoning. Make sure to integrate Week 3 readings into your response. Students do not need to cite the case study.

Activity #2

A few months ago the following situation raised much controversy.

Read and Listen to:

Baseball Player Takes 2 Days of Paternity Leave. Sports Radio Goes Ballistic


1.) Do you agree with the commentator’s remarks? Why or why not? Support your reasoning.

2.)    Is the fact that Daniel Murphy is a baseball player make your response different than if the man were a businessman?

3.) Do you know a man who is a single parent raising children? Do you believe men are capable of raising children in the same manner as a woman? Why or why not?   Support your reasoning.

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