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Outlook For The Future, W8 Discussion help

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W8 Discussion “Outlook For The Future”

Business Policy and Strategy

Outlook For The Future

writing, think about some of the key attributing variables that are
causing managers roles to change.  BE cognizant of two factors. First,
that the business environment is in constant change and new
circumstances will require new strategies and new approaches to
implementing those strategies. Second, that strategic management is a
young subject that is still in its early stages of development. Finding
solutions to familiar and new business problems will require openness to
new ideas, new concepts, and new approaches to strategy formulation and

Now, in your discussion question address the following questions:

  • What will be the key developments in the global environment of business during the next five years?
  • On the basis of these, what will be the greatest challenges that firms from the advanced industrialized countries will face?
  • What strategies will firms need to adopt in order to prosper in the environment you foresee?
  • What
    are the implications for these developments for firms’ organizational
    structures, management systems, and leadership styles?

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