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As defined, a portfolio is a compilation of work samples and professional documentation that provides proof of your accomplishments or samples of your work. The benefits of developing a portfolio provide feedback about programs strengths and weaknesses for continuous improvement, links education to real-world application, helps students focus on specific criteria, supports a systematic process, provides a collaborative environment between professor and students (slide 5).

The benefits of a portfolio also identify gaps and areas that need attention, indirectly supports future career prospects, great student ownership of educational goals, helps connect learning from professors to students, provides balance for assessments (slide 6), supports validity for assessments, evaluates writing and researching skills, and provides a systematic approach for learning outcomes (slide 7).

We should always be as specific as possible. Portfolios are a great way to demonstrate the competencies you would list on a resume or talk about in an interview. They allow you to show and not just tell. While in a program such as “MBA,” the portfolio showcases our work. It is presented with evidence of our relevant skills and abilities. Anything that demonstrates our accomplishments and abilities should go into our portfolio. Portfolios provide a rich resource for both us students and our teacher to learn about the achievement of important outcomes over the time we have had over the whole course, make connections among disparate parts of the curriculum, gain insights leading to improvement. It can be helpful in applying for bonuses, scholarships, grants and negotiating promotions and raises.


MSL 601 Chapter 8 powerpoint


Developing a learning portfolio throughout this program would be beneficial for many ways. The first way it would be beneficial is that it would allow for me to see the progress I have made from the start to the end of the program. Reviewing the progress intermittently would provide myself feedback on where I need to improve. Whether the improvements need to be on my writing skills, the APA formats, or researching techniques, I would be able to analyze myself. Another reason to do a portfolio is that it would help towards my professional development. While Unit 8’s lecture provided a clear difference between a learning portfolio and professional portfolio it does state that the “learning portfolios may contain elements that could support the professional”. Ultimately, my reason for being in this program is to leverage my professional life so it would prove beneficial to use whatever elements I could towards my future endeavors. Being able to have a consolidated place where my achievements and high caliber work are saved could help set a clear path towards one’s professional goals.

One aspect I had never considered when developing a learning portfolio, was having a personal journal of how the courses in this program affects my spiritual journey. It was suggested that we make note of how the courses within the program affect our Christian worldview and influences our academic progress. This in addition to a learning portfolio will help towards the process of “inquiry and reflection”. This will help apply what we’ve learned for future assignments and allow us to reflect on the critical thinking we used during the program.


Unit 8: Lectures One and Two

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