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Culturally relevant pedagogy, EDU 692 week 2 discussion help

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In this discussion, you will apply
your knowledge of culturally relevant pedagogy to examine the degree to which a
specific place-based experience implements culturally relevant strategies.
Please review this week’s Instructor Guidance for detailed assistance on
preparing for and completing this discussion.

Initial Post: For this post, you will complete a rubric to determine
the degree to which an instructional experience incorporates culturally
relevant pedagogical principles. Based on your knowledge about culturally
relevant teaching, you will add two more criteria to the rubric below and then
use it to evaluate one of the place-based lesson “stories” shared on the Then, using the rubric with
your results from your evaluation, summarize how well you think your selected
place-based experience addresses cultural relevance.

You can copy the rubric into a word document, complete the rubric, and then
paste into the discussion forum along with your summary.

Relevant Practices




Exudes high expectations

Connected to
students’ existing mental schemes, prior knowledge, and cultural perspectives

Connected to learning standards
(state or national)

Based on issues and ideas that the
students find meaningful

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