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part 1.

Initial Post:As you read and reflect about each of the existential themes, which has the most meaning to you and why?In addition, the existential concepts of freedom and responsibility imply that even if we do not have much choice in the circumstances to which we are born, we do create our own destiny.To what degree do you agree with this notion?Be sure to connect your response to something you learned in Chapter 6.To clearly illustrate that connection, your response must contain the page number from the textbook in order to earn full credit.

part 2 – > respond to the classmate

After reading and reflecting about each of the existential themes, I found that the search for meaning, purpose, values, and goals has the most meaning to me because I strongly believe that having a life purpose is important because it makes individuals have a feeling of fulfillment and importance in life. In addition, having a purpose or meaning in life is important for a client because it gives them a reason or reasons to live. With that being said a client needs to have values and goals in life. “The therapist’s job is to trust in the capacity of clients to eventually create an internally derived value system that provides the foundation for a meaningful life,” (Corey, 2015, p. 143). I strongly agree with having clients create a value system and as a future therapist I would want them to put those values in an order of importance. For example, at the top of their list they state spending time with loved ones.

I would use this list as an advantage to creating a life worth living for the client. If the client was working a lot and not seeing loved ones as much he or she may feel lonely or just simply miss their friends and family. Taking in consideration this is their number one value, I would work with them to find out what days and times they were available and then have them discuss their availability to their loved ones to work on making time for each other. Basically, what I am trying to say is that as a therapist it is important to know what the client values and work on guiding them to make these values come to life with the hopes that when they do come in place, the client will start to be happier and find a meaning or purpose to life. Goals are also important to focus on in therapy with the client. Goals are steps to accomplishments. Having the client create a list of small and large goals is a great way to learn about the client and what they want out of life. Some clients may be more motivated than others so I believe it is important to start on small goals first, encourage the client to complete them, acknowledge them when they accomplish their goals and most importantly keep them accounted for the goals they create!

The concept that we create our own destiny is interesting to think about. Personally, I believe this can go both ways. I believe that some people can be born or grow up in an environment that is unhealthy and that can affect their success in the aspect that they may not have the money to afford school or essentials of everyday living such as food or clothes. It would be hard for a person such as this one to get a career in the field they wanted if they hardly had money for themselves. From the other perspective people might just need to work harder to get where they want to be so if that means working three jobs to go to school, and take of themselves they can make the choice to do so and it does lie in their hands. I stand by my opinion of it is hard to say yes or no to people creating their own destiny because there are so many factors we need to consider based on the individual. Corey (2015) discusses that people have the freedom, capacity to reflect and act on the choices we make. This is true, but at the same time I think we need to consider that some people do not have a choice. For example, older brother may need to take care of his siblings because the mother works and no one else can watch them. Sure he could say no, but would that be considered right to his values and his family’s expectations of him?

part 3.

Enter MindTap via the link provided.

  • Located in Part 2: Theories and Techniques of Counseling, read Chapter 6: Existential Therapy.
  • Complete the activities located in the “How do I practice what I learned?” folder.

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