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I need this essay to be paraphrased. Use the same idea just change the words and add some if you want. One important thing, Do not change the order of the paragraphs. 


Is Personality Created by Nature of Nurture? 

Personality is the consistent way of life of an individual that stretches over a long period. As such, personality focuses on the long-term consistency in the on one’s perception, thinking styles, and acting in particular situations (Parish and Ryan 151). In addition, personality also results from the organized designs of opinions and states of mind, which can be influenced by nature, nurture or both. There has been a debate on whether personality is influenced by nature or nurture, which has attracted numerous researchers in this field. Most scholars have been undertaking numerous researches on the topic with the aim of determining whether an individual’s personality is influenced by nature of nurture. Nature refers to the surrounding while nurture is the way an individual is brought up and his or her genetic composition. As such, this paper is an argumentative essay that gives a comprehensive exploration of the debates behind personality development. 

From the scientific perspective, the impacts of nature and nurture were determined through comparative analysis of the adoption and twin research. The approach demonstrates the way shared behaviors cause a greater impact to individual’s personality. The scientists explore the sharing of common attributes by the same family members including the differential traits in the general population. However, the scientists perceive nurturing as the parental care provided 

to children that shape their behavioral elements. In this regards, they argue that nurturing includes environmental surroundings such as activities, social life and the way regulatory structures are formed. Moreover, the parental care provided to the children advocate the adoption of traits that exists in the surrounding. Such behavioral characteristics are passed from parents to the next generation through hereditary factors. It is worth noting that many people are influenced by the prenatal, peer influences, parental or other extended influences such as marketing, media, or socio-economic situations. Such influential metrics are determined to shape the life style of the individuals in the society as they help them in adopting behaviors as a way of adapting to the societal challenges (Parish and Ryan 151). For example, people wear clothes depending on the societal fashions that conform to the societal controls and structures such as beliefs or legal frameworks. 

To start with, McCrae et al (173), postulates that nature plays a significant role on an individual’s personality as evident in the mode of reasoning that is determined by intelligence and other surrounding circumstances. The environment will influence an individual’s personality through his or her mode of reasoning that is considered a one of the formal proof of logic depending on the environment. For instance, if the environment favors nomadic pastoralism among a certain group of people, children born in the community think of being pastoralists in the future. Therefore, they are likely to reason in that line as opposed to others living in different environments that may favor growing of crops among other activities. This is a clear proof that personality of different individuals is influenced by natures, which are key elements of their day-to-day activities. 

Secondly, most of the scholars, theorists, and scientists argue that the existing environment determines various behaviors such as languages. According to (Parish and Ryan 

151), any child had the capability of learning any language with the existence of equal facilities. Furthermore, it is notable that the existing environment helps an individual to adapt towards favorable characteristics through interactions, which are also key elements in the determination of personality (McCrae et al, 173). In addition, most of the theorists argue that genetic mutations cannot facilitate the process of learning languages without being nurtured by the surrounding environment. As such, it is clear that nature plays an important role in influencing people’s personality through interaction with both living and non-living things in the environment. 

The arguments concerning gene coding in individuals determine differentiation of traits such as ear size, hair color, eye color and height among others (McCrae et al, 173). Unfortunately, there is no formidable evidence that justifies whether gene-coded traits influence intelligence, perception personality or even sexual orientation. According to Parish and Ryan (151), anti-naturalist theorists oppose naturalism concepts by challenging scientist to determine the gay gene that led to such behavioral activities facing the society. This example shows that the behavior is caused by the modernization of cultural practices. The criminal activities can also be used to fault the claims of naturalism since scientists are yet to prove the existence of such behavioral genes. As such, nurture is the major influence of individual’s personality since the environmental factors shape various behavioral traits. For example, formulating disciplinary conditions to children helps in shaping their behavioral actions. Individual’s characters are mainly shaped through training or depending with their surrounding social classes. This is evident through fraternal twins who are raised differently, but have similar characteristics; different environmental conditions make them behave in different ways (McCrae et al, 173). As such, it is true that personality of an individual depends on his or her life experiences that result from nature. 

On the other hand, various scholars have argued to defend the idea that personality of an individual is dependent on their genetic compositions, which are not directly or indirectly related to the environment (McCrae et al, 173). This is evident through the physical appearances of different people that resemble those in their family tree. For instance, the physical attributes of an individual including color, height weight and hair among others may resemble those of his or her parents. This argument supports the fact that nurture has a significant role in shaping one’s personality. However, the environment will still have a significant role to play in shaping how one talks, thinks and behaves. As such, I do concur with the idea that personality if influenced by nature as it tends to outdo nurture when determining the personality of an individual. 

Nurture may also influence of individual’s personality since the environmental factors shape various behavioral traits. For example, as per the research by McCrae et al, (173), formulating disciplinary conditions to children helps in shaping their behavioral actions. Individual’s characters are mainly shaped through training or depending with the social class where one is exposed. Even though it is true that fraternal twins who are raised differently have similar characteristics, various environmental interventions have caused their distinct behaviors. As such, it is true personality of an individual depend with the life experiences in order to enhance adaptability to various environmental conditions. 

In conclusion, this argumentative research paper supports the idea that nature is the major influence of the individual’s personality. In addition, it worth noting that environmental factors are more influential than genetic traits since every person is required to behave in adaptive and relative aspects in order to simplify his or her life. For example, an Indian is hard to continue with his or her parental language while living in United States, but has to adopt a foreign language for adaptability and effective communication. However, naturalist theory may have a 

lower influence in an individuals’ personality through its genetic behaviors such as language or hair color, among others, which may as well be influenced by the prevailing environmental conditions.

McCrae, Robert R., et al. “Nature Over Nurture: Temperament, Personality, And Life Span Development.” Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology 1 (2000): 173. Academic OneFile. Web. 16 Sept. 2014. 

Parish, Thomas S., and Ryan Barness. “Personality: Is It A Product Of Nature, Nurture, And/Or Personal Choice?.” Education 1 (2009): 151. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 16 Sept. 2014.

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